In the region with a history daring back to 9000 B.C., traces of ancient civilizations such as Hittite, Hurrian, Urartian, Kimmer, Scythian, Parthian, Sassanid, Byzantine and the Seljuk still survive. Ani (Ocaklı) Ancient City, which is 45 km. to Kars, is rich in historical relics. Fethiye Mosque, Ani Ruins and Walls, Pictorial Church located in Ani, which is one of the oldest settlements of our country, furthermore, Kars Museum of the Apostles, Kars Fortress, Pasha Palace, Stone Bridge, Namık Kemal’s House, Karahanoğlu Bridge and “Dome Mosque” is among the places worth seeing.

Kür River divides Sarıkamış into two as the the old and the new part. In the old part, there is the castle built by Sultan Selim in the 16th century. This castle and fortifications with 14 towers and in 745 m. Long is one of the most important historical ruins of Turkey. In the Town, there are also houses left from the Russians and Czar Nicola (Caterina) Mansion. In addition to these, Türkgözü border crossing located near Posof, North of Ardahan provides opportunity to visit to Georgia.

In addition to historical sites, Sarıkamış is also famous for the natural beauty of the environment.    Sarıkamış Forests, Çıldır Lake, Selim Gürbüzler Village,  Doğan Pınar Inner Forest recreational facilities, Arpaçay Dam Lake, Lake Kuyucuk, Kars Telsizler Recreational Park, Sarıkamış Ski center daily recreational facilities, Susuz Waterfall, Kağızman Çengelli Lake, Atatürk and İskan Parks and similar facilities are some of the places visited both by the local people and tourists frequently.

On the other hand, the climatic conditions in an unbelievable beauty in the summer and spring months as plateau tourism manifest themselves with the fresh air plenty of oxygen.

These seasons are extremely favourable for Horse Riding Sport and Hunting. The area is very suitable for activities ssuch as golf, grass skiing, horse-riding, breath opening sports is available.

In addition; after the summer season, various sports clubs make their preparations at 2200 meters and provide opportunities to carry out in the most beneficial way.

Therefore, Sarıkamış will be open to cultural tours, horseback riding, hunting, preparation camps and plateau tourism in summer.