The “ EkinAta Group ” foundations of the EkinAta Group of companies were laid in the 1970s as based in Adana, and started its activities mainly in the transportation sector. With the far-sighted vision and innovative mindset adopted by the administrative staff, the GROUP companies reached important places in the national platforms within a short time with their organizational structure developed in this parallel and the performance achieved.

Today, EkinAta Group consists of 8 companies spread into 4 main fileds of activity as all domestic logistics services, Construction, petroleum and tourism.

EKİNATA NAKLİYAT SANAYİ VE TİCARET A.Ş. “ EKİNATA ”, which is the core company of EkinAta Group, was established as domestic transportation and storage company in 1998 and it has made its voice in many businesses with heard since the start of its activity in large scale and high-capacity business.

In  the 1998 – 2000 period, In parallel with developments in Turkish Economy, EkinAta, gave service to its customers by integrating its activities into its innovative projects it has realized and it has achieved an outstanding position domestically with the level of success obtained.

With its technological and administrative infrastructure, its position in the logistics sector, over 500 technical and administrative staff, its machinery-equipment exceeding the value of 20 million U.S. dollars, funding opportunities and capabilities, EkinAta, operates within the context of the projects with a requirement of high labor power, vehicle and machinery.

In the first five years of the 2000s, having completed the the construction of horizontal storage and liquid storage in the Marmara, Aegean and Mediterranean regions where internal and external trade is concentrated in Turkey, it continued its development. In the second five-year term, it entered the manufacturing and industrial sector and it put the herbal oil seed processing factories in Adana and Bandırma regions and started giving service. With its daily 500 tons of the oilseed processing capacity, it continues its activities in the sector. .

As a result of a comprehensive business development activities carried out, by signing the Bandırma Çelebi port subcontract as of 2012 August, it took over all the operational processes within the port, and started offering service in ship unloading, loading, storage and transport subjects. With 2 mobile cranes with 100 ton capacity, 6 mobile cranes with 7 – 18 ton capacity, 2 PCs 4 ton capacity excavators, 5-10 ton capacity 12 dock cranes, it is capable of loading, unloading cereals, feedstuff and oilseeds. As of October 2013, in line with the needs of EkinAta Group sector, it has started the constructions of 70.000 m² capacity steel silo warehouse in Bandırma Port, 7.000 m² indoor 5.000 m² outdoor warehouse in Derince Port region and 8.000 m² liquid warehouse in Mersin region where it offers service.

The focus of the investment and activities of EkinAta Group is to use a combination of service and Technology, and to take the logistics sector that require a wide area of expertise and to reflect it on its domestic clients and to contribute to the success of the project.