Surface Area : 18.557 km²
Population : 349.437 (1992)

Kars is one of eastern Anatolia’s easternmost provinces and at the same time one of the coldest spots due to the continental climate. However, although this drawback of the space has been relatively negative in the development of the provincial industry, it is one of the main sources of the region in terms of provincial tourism potential.

The province is one of the main winter tourism centers of our country and it can further develop with the investments to be made in this field. In addition to this, the city is one of the leading cultural tourism centers, which is an uninterrupted settlement scene from the point of Palaeolithic ages with its ancient ruins and archaelogical sites dating back to very early periods of history.


The towns of the province of Kars; Akkaya, Arpaçay, Digor, Kağızman, Sarıkamış, Selim and Susuz.

Digor : It is  42 km. to the center of the province. The famous Turkish poet Dede Korkut is believed to have lived in Digor. There are churches from the Middle Ages in the surroundings. These include the Five Museums (Five Churches) near Digor and the well preserved Karabağ Museum (Müren Church), located near the village of Karabağ, can be reached on foot

Kağızman : It is 75 km. to the center of the province.  The Aras River Canyon, which is located in the north of Kağızman and flows from the west to the east, is filled with wild, natural beauties. The beauties in this canyon can be seen by following the path of Kağızman and Tuzluca. There are also historical buildings such as Tunç Kaya (Keçivan) Castle, Köroğlu Castle and Çengim Church.

Sarıkamış : Sarıkamış, one of the important centers of Turkey in terms of winter sports and winter tourism, is located on a plateau at 2200-2900 m. altitude. Natural beauty and modern skiing facilities as well as the hotels that start to be opened next to the ski facilities are important tourism centers. The most suitable skiing season in Sarıkamış is between December 20 and March 20

Susuz : Susuz Waterfall, which is located in the neighborhood 24 km to the center of the province is worth seeing. In addition, yine ilçe center yakınlarındaki Susuz Springs near the town center are good for rheumatism.

Akyaka : Within the borders of Akyaka town, which is 54 km to the center of the province, Ocaklı (Ani) city is located and it is the focus of the visitors.

Arpaçay : It is surrounded by Armenian territory and Akyaka district in the east, Kars province in the south, and Çıldır district in the north and Susuz district in the west.

Selim : The County is located on the high plateaus of the Eastern Anatolia region.